Pool Hole Dug Too Deep

Hi, We have a vinyl liner resin above ground pool which we plan to set in ground to water level. It is designed for this purpose- Clark Rubber (Aussie) Seabreeze.

Our excavator stuffed up BIGtime and has dug the base way too deep, it is on a slight slope, the lowest side is 127cm deep and the highest approx. 170cm deep- for a pool whose walls are 132cm! And the water level is about 115cm, which is the depth we asked for. I am wondering if this is salvageable, it is a resin pool with a vinyl liner, we have to install channel supports, oval shaped pool, no deep end.

We were planning on backfilling the edges with a sand /cement mix once the pool was full of water. Part of the problem seems to be issues with the excavation company. We have had three different operators over 4 days, stopping and starting. The first one was only here for a short time then the digger broke down, the second guy I explained all the details to, but then someone else came today whilst I was at work to finish it. My husband neglected to double check that this guy knew the details of the depth we wanted.

I am thinking if they come back and level the area around the pool on the high side, we may be able to work with it, but I think we will need to fill the base with something compacted-perhaps a sand/cement mix?

Is this salvageable? I KNOW you are not supposed to over-dig the base of the pool- I am VERY annoyed and disappointed.

I am contacting local pool builder to give a professional opinion but I would appreciate any advice for now as I cannot contact him until tomorrow or the next day.

Hi. Sure it is salvageable, you just need to fill the hole up to the proper level with a material that will pack solid. Something like crushed granite or crusher run.

Fill the hole to the desired level and then water it and pack with a roller. Doing this for a few days will tell you whether you need to add a little more fill. After a couple weeks it should be ready for a pool.

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