Pool Installation on Soft Ground

by Brad
(Canandaigua, NY)

Took sod off, went down about 6 inches to level ground, the problem is when I walk in the dirt it is clay and very wet right now as my feet sink in about 3 to 4 inch, What should I put in to compensate for this. Or do I let it sit for a few weeks and dry out?

I started to put in Stone Dust, I then tried to walk on that and that is also sinking in about 2 to 3 inch.

Hi Brad

The stone dust is a good idea to help soak up the moisture and also to help level the area. It still is going to need some time to dry out. In order to set a pool in this area you need to be able to walk across it without leaving foot prints.

The ground that an above ground pool is to be set on needs to be very firm, solid and dry. Hope that's possible for you in the near future.

pool rail set on crusher run

These photos show a few options you may consider when installing your pool. A good way to deal with soft ground is to dig out a piece of ground about 6" deep and 2' wide around the perimeter of the pool. This can be filled in with crusher run.

Pavers ready for pool bottom rail
Another option people use to set the entire pool frame on pavers. I would use a laser level and make sure each block were perfectly level. The preformed pool cove works well using this method. They help to prevent any sand leaking out from between the blocks.

pool footplate setting on block

The least you should do is to make sure all of the footplates are sitting on blocks. Using a laser to level all the blocks is a great idea. There is nothing better than a level pool.

This page might be of some help to you as you progress through your pool installation.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation

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