Pool is Filled - Not level

by Libby
(Logansport, IN)

Our pool is sitting on a concrete slab, then a thin liner, sand, and finally the pool. We checked to see if the concrete was level with a laser level and it showed that it was....well, I guess something was not right.

There is one corner of the pool that is lower than the rest by 3" and I know that this needs to be remedied. Since we are on concrete we cannot dig a side out to level it and I do not think that building it up with sand is a good idea.

Can we place something just under the one part of the pool to help level it out? Or can we place pavers under the legs on that side? If we have to take it down and figure something else out, we will, but I would like some other suggestions if there are any out there.

Thanks! Libby

Hi Libby.

If you are setting up a soft side pool I really do not know the best way to level it. I would love to hear of solutions from anyone who has done it.

With steel wall above ground pool I use roofing shingles under the bottom rails. You can gradually build them up and bring them back down depending on how many are needed in any one area.

I would then use more sand under the liner in the low areas. You want the base sand to be as level as possible, this helps with installing a wrinkle free liner.

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May 13, 2012
Additional info
by: Libby

It is a soft side pool, 16'. I was thinking that I could use foam board insulation that is 4" thick for the low side, then 2" in the middle, and 1/2" board on the high side, filling in the change in height with sand. This would obviously not wash out. For the posts I was considering using your shingle method so they are the same height all around as the foam. Thoughts?

Hi Libby I think that sounds very workable. Let us know how it works out. There are so many people on the same situation, trying to install a soft side pool on sloping concrete.

May 27, 2014
by: Linda Lou

I put a 16ft metal frame pool on asphalt. The pool is filled. There is a 3inch difference around 6 poles of the pool. Any suggestions? Can I empty and put shingles under the 6 poles that are lower?

Hi That might work or you may need to raise the pool itself with foam, like the previous poster. Not real sure how it would work to just raise the posts.

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