Pool Leaking Over Winter

by Jeanette
(New York)

We have a 15x30 above ground pool and have noticed about 2 feet of water loss over the winter months. We have lots of snow and ice on the cover, for sure we know we have a leak.

The cover is stretched very much into the pool. What can we do to prevent the pool from becoming damaged?

Hi Jeanette

The only thing you can do over the winter months is to keep as much water in the pool as possible. When things melt enough that you can pull the cover off you can start looking for a hole. You can start by not adding water for a week or so and seeing how much you loose. You can also be looking for wet spots around the pool. At some point you will need to get into the pool to either look closer for the hole or patch one you may have found. In most cases holes can be found and patched, the important thing is to not drain the pool and let it sit empty, or you will be replacing a liner.

wall damage to above ground pool

When a pool freezes it starts at the top, and then the sides. Having ice on the top of the pool pushing out, and then sinking, can bring the entire pool down. Having ice on the sides of the pool, while the water is going down, can cause severe liner damage. Keeping the pool full of water all winter is my best advice.

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Feb 16, 2014
Pool Leaking over Winter
by: Sherri

We are having the same problem, we live in upstate NY, we know exactly where the hole is in the liner and the side wall, water has been coming out in a stream, its approximately 1 foot up from bottom, we just can't get to the hole because of all the Ice on top. Not too much water left in pool, just ice and a lot of snow on top right now. We are hoping for a semi thaw this week, so we can try to get to it. You would think there is a temporary fix to this but no one seems to have the answer to help us out. Very frustrating… I'm hoping the pool holds up for us w/out too much damage. We shall see.

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