Pool Level Problem

by Theresa

Ok, please help me with my sanity. Pool is installed. We checked and rechecked and rechecked my leveling, from one side to the other and also from bottom rail to bottom rail. Everything showed me it was level.

After putting pool up we ran a line level across the pool, and again confirmed it was level. Now that we are filling the pool and we're not so sure. The water is filling deeper on the one side than the other and when we measured from the top of the water to the top rail on both sides it is off by just under 2".

I looked at my instructions manual that came with the pool and it states that the pool is considered unlevel if the difference is more than 2". I know everywhere else states 1".

My question is should we continue to fill? Does this sound like we are actually off level or could it have something to do with the sand base or the way the liner is installed. The liner does seem tighter on the one side vs the other so could it simply be that the liner is higher and not stretched as much as it is on the lower side?

Thanks for your answer.


Hi Theresa

This means your pool is off level. Measuring from the water level to the top rail is the most accurate way of telling if your pool is level or not. It is just as accurate as using a laser level on every bottom connector before the wall is installed.

It seems whatever method you were using to level was not accurate. Now you are filling the pool and it is almost 2" out of level.

I would continue to monitor with the tape measure to water level method until you have at least a foot of water in the pool. Then you should make your decision.

Most pools, when installed almost correctly, meaning everything right except perfect leveling, can withstand a two inch difference. The two questions you will have to answer yourself are these.

Is the pool a good quality pool built to near perfection?

Are you willing to live with a two inch difference, as it will be noticeable?

As a professional, I would be out fixing this on my dime, because it would be unacceptable to my customers. Since you installed it yourself you have only yourself to answer.

There are so many factors as to whether or not it will be save I could not even begin to answer that. You need to use your best judgement.

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Jun 20, 2012
Pool Level Problem
by: Theresa

Thanks for your response. My latest measurement shows a 1 and 3/4" difference from high to low. I will continue to check things.

It is a Swim and Play pool, resin bottom rail and 7" resin top rail. Seems to me to be a nice quality product.

Hi Theresa

You are probably just fine. A good quality pool can stand more variance than a cheaper one.

Be looking around the outside of the pool for anything unusual. A buckling sidewall, or sand coming out from under a rail, or uprights that are anything but straight up and down, stuff like that.

If nothing jumps out at you I would be comfortable filling the pool and jumping in.

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