Pool Liner Off Center

by Tracey
(Ozark, MO)

New Pool Liner

New Pool Liner

Hi! We just installed our brand new whispering wind 18x33 pool yesterday. Everything went according to plan until we got to the liner installation. Having never installed a pool before, we are not sure how important this issue is that we're having. As you maybe see from the picture, we have the liner attached over the top rails with binder clips and maybe an inch or 2 of water in it (it just stormed pretty bad so I'm not sure the amount of water in there now.) I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the corner on the far right is higher than the far left corner.

And when I say higher I mean the bottom seam is higher and there is more "slack" over the pool wall on the far right. We noticed this yesterday with about an inch of water and decided to drain the pool (that was interesting) and try to slide it into a better position. I believe what we did actually helped us get more in the center width wise, but we still are off a bit length wise.

Should we drain the water out again and try to move some of the liner from the right side down to the left side length of the pool? Or is this even a concern?? Our liner is the sunset cove expandable liner but we do not have a deep end. Any help, advice or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

Thanks so much

Hi Tracey.

It really make no difference. As long as you have plenty of liner to pull over the wall, which you do, the alignment of the seams means nothing.

When I am stretching a liner into place, like it appears you have done, the most important thing is getting a wrinkle free smooth bottom. That's really all that matters.

You need to get water in the pool as soon as you can and get the liner set into place. It looks great to me, nice job and do enjoy it.

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