Pool Liner Shifted

We have had an above ground pool for about 15yrs. This is the second liner for this pool. We had a leak over the winter and drained the pool.

We cannot find the leak. We have been advised to fill pool and then look for leak with dye kit. The liner has shifted and is pulling to one side. What is the easiest way to fix this?


The very best way to find a leak in an above ground pool is done with an empty pool. So you may want to try this before refilling the pool.

You would pull a few top rails and release the liner, just enough so that you could climb over the top of it and get underneath it. Once you are underneath someone needs to pull the liner back over you leaving you in darkness. You will now start crawling around the outer edge of the pool. This is normally where the holes will be found. At some point you will see light shining through the liner. That would be your hole.

I have spent a lot of time under pool liners and it's pretty amazing what you may find. I have seen liners with so many holes it looks like you are viewing the Milky Way.

Once you have your holes fixed you then need to get it filled up. Anytime a pool is empty, the liner will shrink. So that is going to be part of your problem. If it is completely dry it will normally shift, as yours seems to have done.

Your refill needs to be done on a warm day in direct sunlight. This should allow the liner to become pliable enough to do the stretching that is needed. Before filling make sure the liner is centered the way it should be. Walking around the inside you will be able to set the bottom seam in the correct position all the way around the pool.

The skimmer area is the most important. That's where you start. The liner needs to be straight up and down and just a touch off the cove. You can work from there in either direction, setting the liner the same distance from the cove all the way around the pool. The liner may not be touching the cove, it may need to stretch, and that is OK, but it needs to be the same amount of stretch all the way around.

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Sand Pulling Away from Bottom of Liner

by Kim

Our dogs have dug two spots on the outside of the pool, I'm guessing to stay cool while outside. Now we have the sand pulling away from the bottom of the liner in a couple of spots and one of the spots is pretty deep, deep enough where if somebody stepped in it they could possibly sprain their ankle, or break their ankle.

We're thinking that we're going to have to drain the entire pool to fix the problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Kim

Yes, I would drain the pool and fix the problem. This could lead to serious liner failure. If the liner is able to come into contact with any of the sharp edges of the bottom rails, or footplates, it could easily burst.

You need to drain the pool, but not all the way, leave a couple of inches of water at the bottom. This will hold the liner in place and keep it from shrinking.

Someone will need to be in the pool holding the liner back out of the way while another person does the repairs to the cove.

Next you will need to decide how you will keep the dogs from digging next to the pool. You could fence the pool off from them. You could also landscape around the pool using plastic and landscape rock.

If for any reason you wind up changing the liner you might consider using preformed pool cove. The pool cove is perfect for preventing future washouts.

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Triac Industries EZ Hook Liner

by Maria
(Monroe Township, NJ USA)

We have a Swim and Play pool purchased from Branchbrook in Hazlet, NJ about 8 years ago. It's liner needs to be replaced due to termite holes along the edge according to a pool repair guy.

The liner is an EZ hook by Triac Industries. I'm having trouble finding this liner and Branchbrook only has one cheap liner to sell not at all as nice or 25 gauge like the one I have.

Ever hear of this liner and what could be used instead? It hooks over the pool wall evenly all around. Pool is still covered so I can't look. Would it be like a J Bead?

Also, the pool is 24 ft round by 52 high. Due to Branchbrook's proprietary parts etc, I would not recommend buying from them now. They have one liner 20 gauge with light aqua color only. Not much of a choice here at all. Mine is a nice cobalt water reflection pattern.

Hi Maria.

My guess is that any J-hook liner would fit your pool. I would visit the
In The Swim site and have a look at their liners. They have liner experts on staff there and I'm sure they could tell you if their liners would fit your pool.

Let us know what you find out, others might be in the same situation.

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Dogs And Above Ground Pools

by Nikki
(Rockwall, TX)

I am getting an Intex 15' x 42" pool. The pool is made out of liner with metal posts to hold the liner up. I have 3 Labradors who absolutely love the water. I do have a small pool for them to play in.

I am worried that when me and my family are in the pool they will jump up on the liner and rip the pool even if we're not even in the pool. They are water lovers. I am trying to prevent having to spend extra money on replacing the liner.

My question is, what can I put (cheap) around my pool to prevent my dogs from being able to jump up on the pool. I thought about a deck but it's a bit pricey. Any cheap ideas would be much appreciated.

Hi Nikki.

You might consider one or these options. You could fence the pool off with chain link, that is pretty inexpensive if you do it yourself. Or any type chicken wire and T posts might work.

You might invest in some kennels for the dogs during swimming times. Or maybe even let the dogs indoors while you are outside in the pool.

I have known many swimming dogs. A German Shepard would swim laps with his owner every morning in an above ground pool, they got along just fine.

One of my customers set up a deck with a ramp for their dogs. Several times a day they would climb the ramp, jump into the pool, swim to the ladder and get out. They never damaged the pool liner. When the kids had left home, and nobody used the pool anymore, she still maintained it for the dogs.

I took my husky swimming with me once. She was not the least bit happy and scratched her way out of my arms. She tore the liner good trying to get out of the pool.

I have no idea if I answered your question but I love telling my stories about dogs and above ground pools.

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New Liner In Pool With Decking

by John Jones

I have a 18 x 38 Doughboy oval pool with the deep end. I thought replacing the liner was going to be fairly simple process with the help of several friends.

The problem: I have decking around half of the pool and I will not be able to stretch the liner over the wall on this side of the pool at each post.Will I be removing a lot of decking? What to do?


Hi John.

You will be removing a lot of decking only if you want to do the job right.

Expandable liners need to be stretched into place, that is the only way to install them without wrinkles.

The other option is a custom fit beaded liner. If the liner is made to fit the pool exactly, no stretching required, and you know what you are doing, you may end up with a nice job.

But that is not your case, so yes, I would remove the deck and do it right. Stretch the liner in over the top rails and see if you can do it with no wrinkles. It is a bit of a challenge but can be done.

This page might help.

Expandable Liner Installation

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Atlantic Beach Pole Pool Liner

by Cathy

We have an 18x24 Atlantic Beach pole pool with a beaded liner that needs to be replaced. We don't necessarily need to replace it with a beaded liner, but wanted to know if we need to replace it with a pole pool liner or can we use liner for an oval pool. Thanks

Hi Cathy.

It is worth any amount of money you have to pay to replace the liner with the same one that was in the pool.

Pole pools are an odd size. The exact same liner that came with the pool would be the best choice. An overlap pole pool liner would work but would probably be hard to find.

A standard oval liner will leave you with a lot of wrinkles on the side wall. These are hard to clean and look awful.

If the correct liner for the pool is an option, I would go for it.

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Need A New Liner

Where can I buy a new liner for a 16 foot round Doughboy pool? It doesn't necessarily have to be a Doughboy brand liner, I just want to make sure it has the same hole for the filter pump hoses.


Since Doughboy is the only above ground pool company to make a 16' pool that size liner is a little harder to find in the aftermarket variety. They are available, however. Online pool stores like In The Swim carry them, but they are not the Doughboy brand.

When buying online keep in mind that a 20 gauge liner is not the same as a 20 mil liner. A Doughboy 20 mil liner is equivalent to an online 25 gauge liner, not everyone understands this important difference.

As far as I am concerned the best liner made is the Doughboy UD 20 mil liner. It will outlast any liner on the market. This liner can only be purchased from a Doughboy dealer; you will not find it online.

Doughboy skimmer installation

As far as the skimmer and return holes go, you have to make those yourself. After the liner has been installed, and the water is just under these openings, and you are happy with the installation, you then install the skimmer and return. You can drain and reinstall the liner many times, until you are satisfied with it, as long as you don't cut those openings. They are the last things you do.

Doughboy pools are designed so that their liners can be stretched into place. Be sure to follow the instructions on this page when installing your new liner. This works as well for flat bottom pools as it does for expandable liners, the process is the same.

Expandable Liner Installation

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