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by Videosys
(Central Ohio)

I am sinking a 54" round 24' AGP and would rather the pump/filter sit on the deck side, with the pump stuck at 16" above water line. Can I do this, or must it be BELOW the waterline...Waterway 2spd 1.5hp

Hi Videosys. Pumps designed for above ground pools are meant to be gravity fed, meaning they should be below water level. In ground pool pumps us a different type impeller and are meant to pull the water uphill to self prime.

So it is recommended that you use an in ground pool pump for situations requiring the installation to be above water level. Many years ago I did a set up much like you are describing with a pretty basic Muskin 3/4 horse power above ground pool pump. It actually worked pretty well, it had no problem pulling the water uphill during normal filtration and the flow was always good. The only draw back was I had to prime the pump to restart it most of the time. This was not a big deal, you pull off the lid to the hair and lint pot and fill the pot with water, put the lid back on and most of the time it starts pumping water. Every now and then it would take a couple of tries. I was, however, unable to use a timer on the system because I had to make sure the filter was working properly each time.

Having done similar set ups with in ground equipment I can appreciate the difference and appreciate knowing the pump is going to draw up the water and run every time it is turned on.

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Apr 18, 2010
Another thought...
by: Anonymous

Thanks for a qualified answer. Then again, is it possible to change the "wet end" of the pump to achieve this in the future? (after the warranty is up) Also, at this time, would it be possible to replace the factory 3 position switch with a remote one in a covered wall box, running slightly larger gauge wire? I do electronics and pretty sure it can be done, since no options for this are available.

Hi. It sounds like changing the front section of the pump is something that could be done. Your pool store might be able to help with that or possibly the pump manufacturer. As for the rewiring of the switch, it sure sounds possible.

I have done neither of the things you ask about, but I would sure try if I had the need.

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