Pool Seams Not Even

by Jo

I have a 30 foot, 52 inch agp, all walls and floor level. I installed the liner this past week. I used the foam cove which is 4" instead of sand which calls for 6". I was told this was ok.

I started install at the verticle seam and made sure I pressed my foot with the seam so it rest in the middle of the cove and worked my way around, it's an overlap liner. I held it in place with cloth pins. I also used a shop vacuum.

The liner seams around are off by 1- 2" some are against the wall above the cove and some rest on the cove and some may hit the floor. In all areas except one, between one vertical post to the other is my main concern. I am able to press the length of my foot against the cove with the seam, with minimal stretch. All the other areas I am able to just rest my foot with no effort to feel the cove. When I shut off the vacuum I have about 5-6 inches of air between the liner all the way around the wall.

In fear I released some of the overlap to give extra slack in that one area. Now my over hang is off. The bottom is prefect. No wrinkles. I would hate to have to redo this. Should I or will this work out.

To recap. Basically the seam in some areas are perfect around the cove, some of the seam hits the wall and as it goes around unevenly it will hit the floor. So I'm off approx 1-2". Ugh! Ps... this is my first install. Happy I have not one wrinkle on the bottom.

Hi Jo

It makes no difference where that bottom seam falls. You use that as a guide to center your liner, like you did, beyond that don't worry about it.

The same goes with the overhang, there is no reason that this would need to be even. Between the shop vac and adding water the liner should push to the wall with no gaps. If you need to let liner down form the top that's fine.

The most important thing about installing liners you have nailed. No wrinkles. That is far more important than anything else.

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