Pool Top Rails Needed

Rusted Top Rails

Rusted Top Rails

I need the parts that go over the liner, the flat part at the top, the panel that goes over the top, they are aluminum.

The pool is about fifteen years old and its a 24' round. These go all the way around on the top, they jump off of them? please help.


The parts you are looking for are called top rails. We had a store here in Arizona selling those many years ago, but I sure can't remember what they were called.

I anyone knows the maker of the this above ground pool let us know, or if you know where top rails like this can be found let us know.

Many times finding parts for a pool this old will prove to be impossible, and if you do find them they will be expensive.

I would start searching the ads for used pools. Many times used pools are free if you dismantle and move. Or other times they are crazy cheap. You bring them home and then just use the parts you need. You may wind up with tons of good cleaning equipment, a new filter and other cool stuff.

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Sep 21, 2010
We had some rusted ones also
by: Anonymous

We had quite a few rusted over the 18 years of our pool. This spring was the worst. We talked to several pool providers and found it almost impossible to get the parts. I went to Menards and bought "Rust-Oleum" Latex Aluminum Primer. We peeled back the rest of the paint, sanded with both rough and fine sand paper. I have painted the rails twice now and they are as good as new. Will let you know what happens next spring.

Apr 14, 2011
top rails
by: Anonymous

Depending on your brand try intheswim.com or call them at 18002887946 they will also send many free magazines with all kinds of stuff.

Apr 22, 2011
pool top ledge
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem I went to my local pool supplier he check in the back where they had lots of pool that were installed for display and found a whole set of rail that were plastic a little different but i made them work got all for 125.00

May 01, 2011
Pool Parts
by: B. Cogar

What kind of pool is that? I need the top plates for the same pool.

May 31, 2011

If You need parts like bottom rails or top rails
call pool factory. phone 570-920-1982 Ext 222

My pool is 18 year old and they had all the parts for it. Good luck to all.

Jun 10, 2011
Kind of pool---
by: Anonymous

It sure looks like a Tidewater pool. Made by Delair. Delair is no longer handling parts. If I do not find a way to fix my pool, I will be selling all of the parts.... I will check back and let you know. Anyway, I would like to know, does this pool have a stabilizing bar under those top seats but over the receiver that holds the liner? I am looking for the install video or instructions for this pool. 231-378-2833 My name is Danielle.... if anyone has the installation instructions or video that they would be willing to let me rent and return to you, I would really appreciate it!

Jun 13, 2011
top rails and pool line cap under rail
by: bobbyo

I have the same type of rails which I also need along with the pool line cap which is also rotten. I tried the pool factory and they do not have the parts how ever if any one knows where to get them please let me know at rkoplumbing@aol.com thanks

Apr 18, 2012
My Pool and top rails needed look exactly like the photo
by: Chris in Jersey

Hi, Did anyone have any luck finding the top rails to the pool that was in the image? My problem is that I don't know the maker of my pool. I have rusty top rails. The pool is 21' around and holds 10,000 gallons. The aluminum rails in the image are an exact match to my own.

I appreciate any help.

May 29, 2012
Top Rails for an older pool
by: Anne in Plum

The top rails and caps on my pool look exactly the same. My pool is 17 years old and it is a Navajo. I called where I bought the pool and Navajo went out of business. They were bought out by Johnny Weissmuller Pools. Esther Williams Pools are the same company also. I am having a hard time finding the rails also. If anyone has any info let me know please. aprhsmith@aol.com

Jun 17, 2012
What Color?
by: Carol

We have a few rust spots on our dough boy pool. After you sanded your spots, and used rustolium, what color paint did you use?


Mar 17, 2014
top rails
by: Doug

Have an older pool with aluminum rails that need replaced, can I go with the newer plastic rails?

Jun 18, 2015
Top Rails
by: Anonymous

Need top rails for a above ground Ouback Brisbane 24ft round

Jun 18, 2018
Top rails
by: Anonymous

Did you ever find these? I have these exact ones!

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