Base For Pool Uprights

by Cindy

Hi there: I figure you probably answered this question a lot but here I go. In my pool instructions it says to use packed stone dust for pool posts. Is this good enough or do I use concrete pads which I really don't want to, but will if I have to.

My ground is compacted and is like clay.

Hi Cindy.

It is just important that an above ground pool sit on firm, level ground. Stone dust is just one of the ways of giving the footplates and bottom rails a firm solid place to sit. When using stone dust it is recommended that an area about 2' wide be dug up a few inches deep. This goes the entire circumference of the pool with the track sitting in the center of it. When the area is filled with packed stone dust it provides a solid foundation for the bottom rails and footplates. Patio blocks can be used if extra support is needed for soil that might compact in the future. They would be just an extra precaution.

In Arizona, where our soil is easy to compact and remains solid, most of my leveling is done with the existing dirt from the pool area. I usually remove some soil from the high area and fill a little in low spots. Any filled area is then packed. The bottom rails and track are then placed directly on this surface and leveled. This can be seen on this page.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation

Anytime we feel the ground is not as firm as we would like we then add patio blocks under the uprights. I have never used the stone dust method because our soil is so perfect for leveling and compacting.

If your pool is perfectly round, and perfectly level, and sitting on firm solid soil you will be just fine. Stone dust and patio blocks are just two aids to help you accomplish this. There are many other ways also.

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Pool Upright Sinking

Is there a way to jack up one spot on the pool so I can reset it on a concrete pad without having to drain a lot of water off of it?


If you are talking about a soft sided pool you could start draining the pool, and at some point, when you can raise the sinking portion, stop draining.

If you are talking about a vinyl lined steel wall pool you will probably have to drain it down to about six inches. When you raise the pool you will probably shift the coving. You will then have to pull the liner back and get in behind it to make sure the cove is in place the way it should be.

Be careful, however, not to take too much water out of the pool. Vinyl liners shrink and become brittle when empty so the more water you can leave in the pool the better.

This page explains a little more about how to level an above ground pool once it has water in it.

Pool Out of Level

Comments for Pool Upright Sinking

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Jun 05, 2011
post sinking
by: steve

Do to poor drainage, the post of my 18 round pool have sunk, two years ago I had someone raise them, but they need raising again this year. My question is will this ever stop? The repair man told me it Does the track need to be raised as well as the post? Thank you...

Hi Steve. Yes it should stop and yes you need to put dirt under the track. It's even better to put blocks under the track and probably be done with it for good.

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