Pool Wall And Liner Split

by Terry
(Newport, Tennessee)

Please help!!! We bought our house with a 24' round pool and beautiful deck. Unfortunately we have had several extremely bad storms that have completely ruined our summer excitement of swimming in our own pool.

I am not even sure what I am looking at in regards to damage except knowing the liner is ripped down the side, and the wall is completely split. Our insurance will not cover the pool in any way shape or form. We are wanting to know if this is fixable, or if we need to purchase a whole new pool. We are very overwhelmed and are looking for any words of wisdom. Thank you!!!

Hi Terry

I am including the photos you sent me. They certainly can help all of us feel your pain. That is so sad, but it does happen.

There are ways of repairing a sidewall. My site search can help you find dozens of pages on this topic. A stainless steel skimmer and return panel could be spliced into this area and probably work just fine. The existing wall would have to come completely out and hammered flat first, but it is possible.

There are many options depending on your budget. The one I like the best is to find a good used pool the same size and just replace it. I have found a lot of nice pools that the owners do not want anymore, some of them are free just for taking them down and hauling away.

Another option is the pool only package. If you shop that one around online, and in local stores, you may be surprised at how inexpensive just the pool and liner might be.

The thing that would concern me about repairing the pool is the rust. It appears from the photos that the damage may have originated from a rusted area. If that is the case, as it usually is, it could easily happen again. So if using the existing wall is still a consideration, be sure to reinforce the entire lower wall, that is if rust is an issue.

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May 25, 2011
Thank you!
by: Terry

Thank you so much for putting a reply up so quickly. I searched your site for a few hours trying to find anything close to our issue. You have lots of great pieces on your site!! I look forward to sending pics of our fixed/ new pool when we get it. I hope my story helps others with their quest for pool happiness. :)

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