Pool Wall Folded in on Bottom

by Sue
(Marion WI)

We have an 24x54 11 year old pool the pool leaked over winter and a large ice ring formed bending the pool wall over the track on the bottom and pulling it out of the support on the top. Almost half the pool wall is bent. Can we straighten and use it again? We were told by a pool dealer if the bottom was kinked don't use as it would not hold. Wonder if they are correct or just want to sell a new pool. Also can you turn it upside down if you replace the skimmer area or is there a difference in top and bottom of the wall? We already know the pool will need to be completely disassembled to do any repairs.

Hi Sue

I would flatten the wall and reuse it. I would not try to turn it upside down, just flatten it out. You could even install some 12" or 24" aluminum flashing on the inside of the pool and tape it in place. That might help in the future.

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