Pool Wall Out of Bottom Track

by Francine

What is the immediate risk of finding a section of wall out of the bottom track? What is the long term risk? I completed installing a 27' round pool only to find that a portion of 2 sections has lifted out of the bottom track after completely filling.

The corresponding legs on either side still have the wall within the bottom track however the middle portion has raised and is moved towards the inner pool. The amount out of the track is small and it is barely out (if I could push the track in I think that it would re-seat itself). Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated. I do see some wall anomaly (buckle?) however not sure what a buckle would look like. Is this anomaly a concern?


Hi Francine

It sounds like you might be OK with pushing the bottom track in a little and raising back over the wall. I have done this successfully on several occasions. One thing for sure, I would not leave this situation unresolved. That would be asking for trouble.

You could use a long screw driver under the track and give it some upward persuasion. It may just pop on over the wall or you may need to pry the wall out a little. A smaller screw driver to pry the wall out might be helpful.

Once the wall is back in the track be sure to pack soil under the rail to keep it up where it should be. A wall out of the track usually happens when the track sinks and becomes too low.

When your repairs are made, check the cove area on the inside of the pool. This type of repair can easily cause cove damage. If the cove is intact, and you did not need to drain your pool, all is good.

Wall anomalies are usually caused by the pool being out of level or out of round. If putting the wall back into the track does not fix the wall problem I would investigate the problem.

Checking the pool level can be done by measuring from the top rail to the water level in several places around the pool. This would give you an overall indication of how healthy the pool is.

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Jul 13, 2011
Wall Out Of Track
by: Francine

Thank you for your comments. We will try this. We were also wondering if using shim under the track to keep it from going under again would be a good idea. I am not sure if my husband had wrote this before but our yard was lower at the back, we dig at the front of the yard to make it even with the back ( we knew not to fill the lower end of the yard) now we are waiting for the rail to be back on track and we are planning to back fill the hole with weeping tile and than put some stone dust against the wall of the pool. Will this be ok? I will take some picture of this and try to post them on this wall tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

That all sounds good.

Jul 14, 2011
by: Francine

Hi Dennis, Thanks Again. We believe the health of the pool is good. A 1/2 inch variance around the circumference of the pool. We have a minor buckle showing up on one side and not sure how to minimize or remove the buckle. With the pool cut into the ground we plan to back fill with weeping tile and dirt (stone dust). We would push the stone dust under the rail where we believe the rail has sunk in the sand. We would like to up load photo's however not sure how to do this mid conversation. Please give me your thoughts on our pool installation and how to get you photo's. Thanks Again. Francine.


I emailed you with info on how to get the photos to me. I would love to look at them. Thanks

Mar 27, 2012

Hello, just wanted to let you know that my husband was able to fix the problem with shimming the bottom of the rail. it survived the winter. I don't know how to add photo to this site as I would add the before and after.


May 06, 2021
Bottom rail out of track
by: Ken

Hello I am having the same issue with my bottom rail as well. I have no issues with the ground underneath my issue was due to a gust of wind that pushed the wall inward during install and it got overlooked finishing the install. The base of the wall actually looks like it is sitting on the bottom rail but with water in it I can't seem to move the wall back outwards. Should I drain the pool and make the adjustments as needed or is there a way to pull the wall back out to the track with it filled.....thank you.

Hi I would drain, correct and refill.

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