Pool Safety Fence

An Add On For Safety

Installing a pool safety fence on your above ground swimming pool is one of the best ways to keep your pool childproof.  There are so many things in your yard that a child could move up next to the pool and crawl in.  A safety fence prevents this.  Safety fence is easy to install and is a nice visual addition to your above ground pool.

above ground pool fence
This above ground pool safety fence is a resin product and would adapt to most above ground pools.  The sections are 60" wide and run about thirty five dollars a piece.

To go along with your pool fence I would also recommend a pool alarm.  Fencing and alarms are two ways we can protect our children.

Please make sure your pool is as safe as possible.  Every spring the reports of children drowning start pouring in.  This site has taken the matter seriously and we have a section devoted to stop the drowning.  If you have anything you could pass along that might save the life of a child, please do so.

Every pool, large or small, needs some type of fence around it.  In most places it is the law.  Even so, I can walk around my neighborhood and see several above ground pools in yards with no fences what so ever.  Wake up folks and get your pools fenced and your alarms installed.


Pool Safety Fence

Vinyl Works  (#ad)


A Closer Look

The link above takes you to the Vinyl Works Amazon store, from there it can get a little complicated. The fencing comes in a few different flavors so let's take a closer look.

In the 24" group there is the Taupe Premium and the White Economy. For an 8 pack of the premium the price is about $184.00. For the Economy it is $167.00. Based on the reviews the Economy is cheap and brittle while the Premium is a good product. Pay the extra and go Premium or you may be very disappointed, unless the fence is pure decoration and you live in an area where freezing temperatures are not a factor.

There is also a 36" model if you need a taller fence.

Let's say you decide on the 24" Taupe Premium fence, now how many panels do you need? Count your top rails. A 24' Doughboy will need 18 sections. Kit A includes 8 sections so you need two of them. That gives you 16, add 2 more panels from a Kit C and you have your 18. You are now around $450.00.

From the product reviews it appears someone mismatched their kits. If you buy 2 Premium Kit A packages and need one Kit C do not get the economy, it will not look exactly the same. Buy all the kits from the same product line, like the 24" Taupe Premium.

What Others Say

Great item. Fast shipping. Easy to install. My wife loves it.

It meet the requirements I was looking, the only thing was it was a Lego set to put together lol but over all it was great for the price.

Easy to install and looks good. Haven't had a chance to have a good volleyball game to put it to the test but it seems like it should be ok.

We purchased this pool fence kit for our above ground pool. It arrived quickly and the assembly instructions were super easy to follow. In one afternoon (about 4 hours) my husband had it completely assembled and installed around the pool. It's sturdy and looks pretty attractive, plus it's required by law here for pool safety reasons. We're pleased with our purchase & the quality of this item.

Take the next one for what it is worth. As mentioned above there is some installation involved with this fencing, the same amount as with all pool fencing. How much time and effort put into this installation will have a lot to do with how it looks, how strong it is and how long it will last. As for the legal end of things, if this is a concern do your homework.

This pool fencing system is garbage. The fencing system is not easily secured and will eventually fail leaving a mess behind. Additionally the fence itself is not OSHA compliant being the spacing is too far apart between rungs. Also the overall spacing between the pool wall and surrounding pool edging to install it "securely" leaves a critical gap that a child could easily squeeze through. Finally this particular reseller's staff is incompetent, unprofessional and lacks proper knowledge on the products they sell. Avoid this product and this reseller at all costs!

The next one is probably talking about the Economy package, the one I would avoid.

Kind of cheaply made for the price.


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