Portable Pool Storage

Keep The Hoses And Chemicals Out Of The Sun

Using portable pool storage to Keep all that pool stuff out of the sunlight will save a lot of money in a short time.  Hoses will dry rot and become brittle if left in direct sunlight.  Chemicals will have a much shorter shelf life if not protected.

Inflatable, and other pool toys, need shade and protection from the elements also.


A pool storage cart, with lid, will keep all of your pool toys safe until their next use.  Have you ever had to chase the kid's inflatable toys around the yard after a wind storm?  Or have you ever had to pry the toys off the cactus, then run to the store to replace them?  Portable pool storage containers are a good answers to the windy day pool toy problem.


Deck Box
This deck box would make a perfect home for all of your pool cleaning supplies.


In The Swim has a few more pool storage ideas.  They carry the mini storage sheds for outdoor pool supply storage as well as the Redwood spa storage steps and a Redwood poolside storage bin.

Be sure your pool has a storage container to protect all the valuable pool stuff you spend your hard earned money on.


swimming pool storage

Intex 59" x 13" x 28" Foldable Mesh Storage Caddy (#ad)


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