Posts Are Coming Off The Ground After Filling

by Kim

We have installed two pools before this...all went well. This one has been a nightmare!!!

First pool was 24ft, last was 18ft, new one is 21ft. We brought in 4 yards of sand. We started to fill it once we got the liner in and found it was off by about 4 inches, drained it and packed more sand in on one side.

We have it almost filled now all set to go but when we checked the sides we noticed two posts are off the blocks and the wall is out of the bottom rail in two spots.

I called someone to come and just install it and they said they would not touch it because we had already cut the liner for the skimmer and they would never be able to get it exactly right. I don't know what to do right now. I'm now stuck with three pissed off kids telling me their summer sucks when I tried to make it a lot better for them. Any advice would be great, I'm at a loss.

Hi Kim

I just have a couple of comments that might help you. Sand should only be used as a cushion for the liner, not the pool frame. The pool frame should be set on firm ground.

The sand should only be used inside the pool wall. If the rail is set on sand, and if sand got into the rail during wall installation, then yes, the wall coming out of the track is not unlikely.

As far as reusing a liner with a skimmer opening cut, that is bull. With a fresh liner, like yours, it is very possible. You do need to know what you are doing, but it is possible. Liner shrinkage does not occur until the second or third seasons. After that I would say, buy a new liner and then we can talk. But not with a new liner, it is so doable.

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