Preformed Pool Cove

For Your Above Ground Pool

If you are installing your above ground swimming pool on concrete, or indoors, I would strongly recommend using preformed pool cove.  This type of pool cove will not wash away when you hose down the pool area or when it rains.  It is not sharp and abrasive like sand.  We use this type of pool cove on all of the indoor display pools we set up each year.

Preformed pool cove is also a good choice when using a Styrofoam base for your pool instead of sand or other base materials.  The foam can be laid down first and the coving placed on top of the it around the outer edge.


pre-formed pool cove


This pool cove is sold in two versions.  Pick the one that is best for you.  For pools being installed on concrete or tile I prefer the pool cove that snaps into the track.  It is easier to work with, stays in place better, and needs less taping.  The adhesive backed preformed pool cove is useful if you are installing a layer of foam as a pool base.  The foam can be between one and two inches thick and is usually laid up against the pool wall, covering the bottom track.  The cove with the track snaps would be useless without access to the bottom rails.

The photo above shows the foam installed with the joints tight and taped over. the photo below is a job we were asked to finish where there were large gaps between the pieces and no tape. It took a while to fix this poor installation of the pool cove. Be sure to butt them up tight and tape all the joints.


Spacing in Pool Cove


Swimming Pool Cove

Gladon NL104-21 Premium Peel and Stick Above Ground Pool cove, 48-Inch, 21-Pack  (#ad)


Swimming Pool Liner Clip on Cove Molding - 20 - Pack For a 27-Foot Round or a 15-Foot-By-30-Foot Oval Pool


Pool Cove Reviews

This product seems to be well liked. Looking at the sticky back version the only problem was the sticky part coming off the cove or the cove not sticking to the wall. I always use duct tape at all the joints and run this tape up the wall a few inches. Usually this is all that is needed. In rare cases I may tape along the top of the cove and I always have a couple rolls of double backed carpet tape just in case the backs are not sticky. I have been on a couple of jobs where the cove pieces had been sitting for months outdoors and there was no sticky at all, not a problem, bring out the carpet tape. There were also a few comments about not getting enough cove for their pool, measure correctly and do some math, order what you know you will need.

This cove worked perfectly for our pool and liner. I didn't buy any additional adhesive and one of the cove units ended up moving when we installed the liner. I recommend buying additional adhesive if you want to ensure the cove does not move at all. Overall, this covered our needs.

Nice product.

Makes the installation easy.

Be careful when you pull off the plastic backing to reveal the sticky glue part because the glue doesn't always stay on the foam - sometimes it comes off with the plastic part you just ripped off. If that happens you will probably need to get some double-sided carpet tape. Otherwise it's a good product and I would recommend it.

Made our DIY pool liner replacement a breeze! Provided a very uniform appearance to the install.

When taking off the plastic adhesive covering, the adhesive strip came off the product making it difficult to use the sticky part as needed. Only one or two pieces in the whole box came out ok.

Worked great - I debated on buying the extra adhesive, but these stuck well and were easy to place.

Worked great. Very easy to apply. Nice clean look when complete. I'm glad I did the math and got the 17 pc kit for a 21' round pool.


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