Problem With Liner Installation

by Scott
(Wichita Falls, Texas)

I recently had to have the liner in my pool replaced. It is a 24k gal 15'x 30' "ish". Anyway it took 6 weeks to get the repair man out after the initial payment of $2000.00. He installed it by himself and I am certain that he did not repair the cracks in the walls and floor.

Also, I found a very sharp chunk of cement protruding from the floor of liner as well as what feels like a pile of crumbled debris in the corner, on the shallow end. Should I finish paying him and trust him to come and fix it or hold final payment until the job is done right?

Hi Scott

If your down payment was two grand I hate to ask what the total amount was. But then, I really don't know the extent of the job. If you are talking about an in ground vinyl lined pool, they do get expensive. Based on the pool capacity and some of your other remarks I am guessing that's the case.

If you are not happy with the job, do not pay any more until you are completely satisfied. My knowledge of contractors is that most of them are much more willing to help you when they still need to get paid. If there is no money involved, the excuses and cancellations could go on forever. By all means, hold payment until either the job is done to your satisfaction, or you are comfortable with the contractor's explanation as to why things are not like you expected.

From what you said, the contractor needs to remove the liner and make sure the base is ready to accept a new liner. If I were installing a liner, and saw some problems with the pool structure, the customer and I would have a discussion. That is, if these problems were not identified, before the initial bid. I would let the customer know the cost of any additional work that might need to be done, and what the finished job will look like if it is not done.

I do think you and the contractor need to come up with a game plan and get the pool fixed.

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May 31, 2011
Thanks for your fast response
by: Scott

I actually spoke with my contractor and he was very understanding. We agreed that I would hold payment until the pool was repaired to my standards. Which will require a partial drain of the pool. Oh and by the way the total bill was $4300.00 after he replaced all internal parts and grids in DE filter (that he just assumed I wanted since it really needed it) and had to dig in and replace skimmer box because it was leaking.

That all sounds good Scott. Thanks for including an update and more details. Hope it all works out.

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