Pool Liner Seam Leak

by Tammy
(Thomasville NC 27360)

We bought a pool from an individual. We put it up and the water was leaking. We removed all the water and we can't find any holes, however the seams have a little lip over them and if you pull it pulls apart.

I haven't pulled it real hard because I don't want to cause it to be any worse, but it does pull apart. Does this mean the liner is no good?

The liner was in a box and never used, and it may be a year old the people told us, it looks new but looks can be deceiving I know..... Could you please tell me if you think I need to buy a new liner?

Hi Tammy

Since you can't return the liner I would try very hard to find where the liner is leaking and repair it. Meaning I would find the hole and patch it.

I would not assume the liner is defective, just because they seldom are.

I have seen a lot of seams act like they are going to pull apart, but they don't, no matter how hard you pull on them.

I would go around the entire seam area and try to find an opening, a seam that had actually pulled apart. If you do not find one, leave the seam alone and look elsewhere.

If you examine the entire liner and find nothing, I would crawl under the liner and find that sucker.

You simply pull the liner loose from a few top sections and crawl in. Someone then hold the liner back up over the wall.

You are now in the dark, except for the light coming through the hole in the liner. They are really easy to find this way. If the liner is leaking you will see daylight.

If you can find the hole, even if it is in a seam, patch it. A patch done correctly will make the liner as good as new.

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Doughboy Above Ground Pool Liner

by Tammy

I have an 18' x 36" above ground pool with a 7 foot deep end....the liner is coming apart on one of the side seams. I've had it repaired by the company purchased from but emptied the pool in order to fix a shifted side rail and noticed another tear in the seam.

How do I know what size liner to replace it with? I'm really quite annoyed that the company is not replacing the 6 year old liner as the warranty says:

Exclusive! Therma-Sealâ„¢ Technology. This proprietary fusion method provides superior sealing for maximum durability and quality. Unmatched in the industry. We are so confident with this process that we cover the seams of our liners 100% for a lifetime.

Also, anyone know where to get a liner for a good price?

Thanks for whatever help I can get.

Hi Tammy

The correct pool size should be on your original paperwork. If not then you simply measure the pool side to side and end to end. That is assuming you mean 18' wide and 36' long, if so those are probably the measurements you need. If you meant 18' round with a 36" wall then you just need an expandable 18' liner.

No one should be patching a seam leak, it is not safe. A seam leak can easily keep growing, even under a patch. They can grow to a foot long in a matter of seconds and completely drain a pool in less time. Any pool company should know better than that.

As far as the warranty goes I would become a major pain in their butts until something was done. Liner seam failure should always be covered. Sure it will be prorated and you will still wind up paying, but it should be covered.

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