Professionally Installed Pool Out Of Level

by Denise

We had a 24' pool replaced and it was installed by the pool company. The installers did a horrible job putting the pool in. I think it should have been taken down and reinstalled.

I am now filling the pool and one side of the pool has about 2 1/2" more water than the other side.

The skimmer and return jets were installed the same day before putting any water in the pool.

The contract states that they must install the pool to manufacture specs and be within 1" of level. If the water is that unlevel does that mean that the pools is out of level that much?

The whole job was shotty. They put wood under the supports and wedged rock and wood under the track to level the pool. In places there was no solid ground under the track. They came back out and put block under the supports removed the wood and rock and pushed dirt under the pool.

It appears they did not level the ground under the pool before installing the liner. I am now trying to figure out how much out of level the pool is so if it is over 1" as stated in the contract I want the pool reinstalled. What is the best way to tell how out of level the pool is?

Thank you

Hi Denise.

From what you describe it sounds like they did just about everything wrong. The footplates should be sitting on concrete blocks, not wood. The rails should be sitting on firm, solid ground, with no space under them.

Checking for level is easy. Take a tape measure and measure from the top of the top rails down to the water. Do this in several places around the pool. The water will be level so any variance is the pool being out of level.

This method will work no matter how much water is in the pool. So if you see early on the pool is more than an inch out of level you might as well shut the water off. No sense filling it just to drain it.

You may want to compare your pool installation to one of ours and see what you think.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation

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