Pump Pressure and Slime in Filter

When I bought my house last fall the above ground pool was covered when I opened the cover the water was brown.

After talking to my new neighbor I was told that the last owner didn't do anything with the pool in a few years. I replaced the filter and drained most of the water out. I removed three barrels of leaves from the pool. I filled the pool back up and started to filter.

It is now a light green or teal, I can see the bottom though it's cloudy. The problem I'm having is my filter pressures. I went to my local pool store and was instructed to put two gallons of shock and 2 lbs of calcium hypochlorite in every three hours and check chlorine level, should max high.

I have done this and cleaned out the filter by brushing and rinsing the finger 3 times in the last 48 hours. When I replace the DE my pressure is 10 or 11 ppm, with in an hour or so I'm back to 20ppm. I bumper it down 12 to 14 then its back up to 20 ppm in 3ominutes or so.

I work 12 hour days so I can't check it on work days and I'm afraid the motor will burn out if I leave it on after it hits 20 ppm for an extended amount of time.

Can you offer some advice or tell me what I'm doing wrong.


I don't know the details on your filter so it's hard to say for sure. Normally adding plenty of shock treatment and running the filter 24/7 until the pool water is clear is enough to do the trick.

20 lbs pressure should not be too much as long as your pressure gauge is accurate. With the pressure gauge at 20 how is your return flow? If the return flow back into the pool is decent your pump is fine, if it is just a trickle the pump should not be running.

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