Reinforcing Oval Wall Base

by Keith
(Manchester, NJ)

Pool Wall Reinforcing

Pool Wall Reinforcing

Hello, I want to thank you for this site as it's been a great help with our pool dilemma.

Anyway, we have a 24 year old 15x24x52 buttress oval installed by the previous owner. Last season the inner 2 of the 4 aluminum buttress straps corroded and snapped causing the outer supports to rise off the support cement blocks. I have removed the liner and repaired the broken straps but while doing so I noticed a few holes in the metal base.

I have sanded them and primed them with Rust-Oleum paint. I have now installed 12" x 120" 26ga galvanized metal around the entire inside wall base and taped all the seams.

My question is should the 8 12" vertical seams be pop-riveted or screwed or just use the tape.

Hi Keith I have never used anything but duct tape. I tape all around the top and up and down any seams. That has always worked fine for me. Looks like you are on a good start to getting many more years out of an old pool.

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Jun 10, 2023
Still concerned
by: Keith

Thank you, I am still a little concerned about the holes in the sidewall. There were a few more areas with holes in the bottom 6-8 inches that I didn't originally see until I started moving the rocks away from the the outside to install the bolts through the metal. I just don't know how many holes are to many. Of the 16 spaces between the vertical supports at least 4 have holes.

Jun 25, 2023
Not good.....
by: KeithP

OK, I finished bolting the verticles and taping all the seams inside the pool but after removing the soil from the wall outside the pool (back side is buried about 10") I found a bunch of holes in the wall. I have sanded them and used rustolium galv paint to seal them but I think I need to reevaluate my plan. The holes are all below the top of the reinforced sheet metal which is also overlapped
and bolted through the original wall and a galv plate on the outside.
Having the new metal bolted through the wall every 9ft or so would that limit the wall from stretching and splitting from the force and weight of the water?

Jun 30, 2023
by: Keith

Well I am at a point where I am stalled and apprehensive with my repair. Looking for a little support before I continue. I ended up securing the new galv metal to the existing wall with 1/4" SS bolts and nuts. I moved the river stone away from the outer wall and found a lot of little holes in the bottom 6-8 inches of the partially sunken wall. The back side of the pool is buried about 8" on that side. I sanded and used rustolium galv paint to seal all the holes but now I am concerned about the wall splitting due to the holes. The galv metal runs along the entire inside circumference of the pool and is bolted through the overlapped new metal seams, the original wall and a galv plate on the outside with about 9ft spans between the seams/bolts.
I am pretty confident that this repair can support the water weight and will prevent stress on the bottom of the pool but really this is not my realm so seeking any other opinion to reinforce my thoughts.

Hi Keith Having the pool slightly in the ground is a big help also. I think your repairs will hold up just fine.

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