Repair Rusted Pool Wall

by shawn
(pinch , wv)

We have a 24 ft. oval above ground metal pool with a vinyl liner and a Hayward sand filter that are about 7 years old. Last year I noticed that where we had a small leak at the return that there was rust running down the side. This is not readily noticeable because our pool is down inside of a deck and you would only see this if you are under the deck working on the pool.

We sort of forgot about this, but this year when we were installing our return to raise the water level I can see dimpling under the liner area (about a 6 inch by 6 area) and when I felt the area it felt rough under there and I could only assume it is rust and will soon poke through the liner. What can be done about this? Is there a way to get something between the rust and the liner before it pokes through?

Also we have never changed or added to the sand in the filter. It feels very heavy like there's plenty, of course it's wet. Of course we can't see in there and we don't know if we are supposed to add more to it (if so how much) or change it. It is a large filter for the size of the pool and keeps it very clean. Thanks, Shawn

Hi Shawn

The best way to take care of this is to remove a couple of top rails, loosen the liner from the wall, and get in behind it. A square piece of flat metal or aluminum can then be slipped in behind the liner and taped over the rusted area. This will strengthen the side wall and protect the liner. This type of repair should keep the pool safe until the next liner change, when the inside of the wall can be sanded and painted.

If you have enough access the entire repair could be done at this time. If that is the case, and you plan to sand or scrape the wall, be very careful to not get rust behind the liner. The liner will still have water in it and it is very easy to let pieces of rust fall behind it to where you cannot get to it without further draining the pool. A wet towel held against the wall under where you are working will usually prevent this.

If you do not have access to get behind the liner there is not much you will be able to do. Try and stop the leak and then keep a close eye on the rusted area until it is time for a liner change, when a repair can be made.

Sand in a sand filter should be changed about every five years. Somewhere on the tank should be a label that will tell you how many pounds of sand it takes to refill it. If you don't find a label a general rule of thumb is to fill the tank about two thirds of the way full.

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Repair Pool Wall

by Barb
(cicero, ny usa)

Rusted Pool Wall Split

Rusted Pool Wall Split

We are opening our pool and discovered the pool wall has rusted below the return and has broken apart all the way to the bottom. It is an above ground oval. We won't replace the pool and are hopeful we can repair it! Any suggestions. Help!!!!

Hi Barb

Yes it can be repaired but I'm pretty sure the liner would have to be replaced. A new piece of wall could be spliced in to replace the damaged area.

It looks like the cause of this was from a leaky return, but it is still a good idea to inspect the rest of the wall to make sure it is worth the effort.

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