Replacing Doughboy Return Fitting

by Milly
(Manteca, ca)

I received a Doughboy that was used that was missing the whole return fitting unit. To order directly from Doughboy is about 5x more expensive than most others I see online. I'm wondering if I can replace it with a non Doughboy return fitting.

Hi Milly

I would order the one from Doughboy, it's made to fit the size opening in a Doughboy wall. But to answer your question, yes you can use any of the other wall fittings.

You will need to enlarge the hole in the wall slightly. This can be done with tin snips if you are careful. Use some clear fingernail polish over the edge as coating to prevent rust.

An even easier way is to use a cooky sheet and make a patch to tape over the existing return hole and cut a new one. A hole saw does a nice clean job of cutting round holes in above ground pool sidewalls.

But, by the time you buy a good hole saw you will have spent more than the Doghboy fitting. Have you tried finding this part on Ebay or Amazon?

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