Replacing Filter Hose with Flexible PVC

by Melissa

HI, How and What do I need to replace the original gray filter hoses with flexible pvc hose? Step by step if possible


Hi Melissa.

Most, but not all, above ground pool filters are standard PVC compatible. So I will assume yours is one that is. Skimmers are the same way, most are PVC Compatible. Doughboy is the only exception and they require a hard plumb adapter kit. This kit allows you to couple their skimmer and return to 1 1/2" PVC pipe.

flex pvc plumbing for above ground pool

With a standard filter, skimmer and return you would need to purchase four 1 1/2" PVC male adapters. These are threaded fitting on one end and slip on the other. You would now remove the hose adapters from the front of the pump, the skimmer, the return and the return port on the filter. Replace these with the male adapters. I treat the threads on the adapter with a white goop called T+2, a liquid type Teflon tape, and then go over that with a few wraps of Teflon tape. Thread the fitting in by hand and then crank them a little tighter with a pipe wrench.

The PVC flex pipe is then glued into these fittings with PVC glue. The flexible PVC has plenty of bend for most of angles and curves from filter system to pool. Don't, however, over bend it. It's far to easy to put in a 90 or a 45 slip fitting when the bend gets to tight.

Most filters have a pretty heavy duty hose going from pump to filter. This can usually be left alone. If you want to change it you would need a couple more male adapters. A 90 angle fitting is sometimes needed also.

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Feb 01, 2012
San Jose plumbing
by: San Jose plumbing

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Feb 02, 2012
Plumbing San Leandro
by: Plumbing San Leandro

I still remember how I easily broke some of of the PVC fittings that love bought. Indeed one need to pay attention to the amount of pressure you use to tighten the fitting.

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