Replacing Pool Deck Carpet

by Mitchell

Esther Williams Pool With Deck

Esther Williams Pool With Deck

I have an Esther Williams above ground pool such as the one in the picture.

We were wondering if there are instructions anywhere on replacing the carpet. I'm assuming I can use any outdoor carpeting but we were concerned when it came to getting under the aluminum along the sides. Any help is appreciated.


Hi Mitchell. I have never had a pool like that nor have I ever replaced the carpet on one. Hopefully a site visitor with some actual experience with this could help us out.

I have carpeted plenty of outdoor decks so I have a little knowledge that might help.

Be sure your carpet is cut exactly the way you want it before applying any glue. Be careful not to get the glue all over everything, that's my biggest problem, the glue goes every, mostly where it does not need to be.

As far as the outer edge, I would just try to reverse engineer the thing and see how it was done originally. By taking stuff apart it might all become apparent to you. If doing a factory job does not look possible, you can always cut the carpet to fit up against any existing molding and then, if needed, add some custom edging over the carpet.

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Jul 25, 2011
replacing pool deck carpeting
by: Pete

I have the exact pool shown, I replaced 2 sections of carpet several years ago and just removed the 2 sections nearest the pool edge for replacement this year, very easy to do. After removing the carpet with a paint scraper I pulled out the carpet left under the trim with a pair of pliers, it came all out in one piece as there is no glue there.When you glue down the new carpet tuck the edge under the trim first, loosen the deck sections to fold the carpet into the crease where they meet, then tighten.

Jun 21, 2016
Carpet Replacement
by: Mscotty

A friend of mine just replaced carpet on his pool that has a 3 section fan deck. He didn't carpet each deck section separately, just used one large piece to cover over all the deck sections. He figured why do each piece separately, they're in place and aren't going to go anywhere at this point.

Aug 15, 2017
Carpeting Deck?
by: New pool owner

We are new owners to an above ground pool. So new that the deck around the pool is not yet complete. I am curious about using outdoor carpeting on the deck. Will it hold water that will compromise the wood underneath? In my pro/con list, I have many "Pro's" but because I have never used outdoor carpeting, would like some feedback on the "con's".

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