Resin Pools

by Jason

Question: Hello there. I perused your expansive and very informative FAQ about above ground pools but could not find anything about resin based pools? I'm interested in knowing what you think about resin/steel "hybrid pools" and "all resin" pools. I've come across many retailers that claim "all resin" pools are the best way to go because they will never rust, fade or corrode. Is this true? Is the actual wall made of resin, too?

So I suppose my real question is this: in your opinion, what really is "the best" above ground pool construction scenario available? All resin? Resin hybrid? Steel? Aluminum? Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi Jason

I have never seen a resin wall, only top rails and uprights. I am not familiar with the term resin hybrid so I will have to look into it.

From my experience in Arizona I strongly recommend the all steel pools. Aluminum pools can be very light weight and a little on the flimsy side. The walls also corrode much quicker than a steel wall will rust.

Resin Above Ground Pool

I have not seen resin 10 to 15 years down the road like I have steel and aluminum but what I have seen the last few years has not been all that good. We have broken many of the Doughboy joint connector caps trying to snap them into place. If they are not warm enough they will not flex enough to go over the top rail. The screw holes on the resin top rails are not strong enough to hold the rail in place if there is any uneven pressure on them. This is most noticeable on the corners of an oval pool. There is usually a little extra pressure on the rails going into the round ends. The screw holes will easily break loose leaving the top rail with nothing holding it in place. We have also seen resin rails get discolored and rough to the touch in only a couple of years.

I would go with an all steel pool if it were me.

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Steel or Resin Pool

by Kandace
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

It's me again, which do you feel is a better pool, steel or resin? Which is more durable and will withstand harsh winters better?

Thanks again, Kandace

Hi Kandace

I think you are better off with a steel pool.

The resin ones sure look nice but I don't think they hold up nearly as well in extreme heat or extreme cold. When the resin gets too cold it becomes brittle and will crack if even the slightest force is applied to it.

You can read more about resin verse steel above ground pools here.

Best Above Ground Pool

Resin Above Ground Pool

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