Re-vamped 21X52 pool

by Lynne

Installing a Beaded Liner

Installing a Beaded Liner

We've had this pool for over 10 years, the liner went, originally the base was sand with landscapers paper. This time we left the original sand base and landscapers paper and then laid 4x8 styro sheets duct taped together on top with stryo cove.

We taped all of the 4x8 1.5" stryo together in our driveway, made up a perfect radius by taking the long telescopic pole and duct taping a big black marker on the end of it and drawing the perfect circle, then we numbered them, and placed them in the pool according to our number pattern and taped them altogether, fit great.

While the old liner was out we got some rustolium paint and sprayed the inside walls. The replacement liner came with a hole in it, ugh. This was discovered on a Sunday after our local store where we brought it was closed, so we duct tapped the hole and left that liner in, well, overnight it rained again, had to suck the water out with an old rug cleaner, worked great, but a lot of work only to find the bottom under the styro was filled with water, here we go suckin that water, dryed out the stryo bottom and got the replacement liner.

This time in the nice sun so the liner (beaded) went in beautifully, no wrinkles, but some of the stryo separated where the dirt now gets into, but not a big deal since the little android go right over em and gets the dirt right much work, but it's beautiful...thanks to my husband for his determination and to this wonderful site!

Hi Lynne

Thanks for posting back, and a double thanks for sending along photos and some how you did it tips. I like the idea marking the outer edge the way you did, that has always been a problem for me. If I ever do it again it will be using your advice.

I think the pool I did for myself, using the foam, may have had some of those indentations also. They were never a problem. The foam sure makes a nice pool base.

Enjoy the pool.

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