Re-vamping our 21x52 14 yr old AG

by Lynne
(Pittsburgh, PA)

home made happy feet

home made happy feet

We replaced our liner last season and purchased wedding cake steps, we used a beaded liner (not a J hook) since we heard they were the easiest to install, (wedding cake steps are taken out for winter). In removing our new heavy duty winter cover we see where the liner jumped track and fell partially into the pool where the wedding cake steps were situated and the water drained.

We removed the liner and what we saw was so sad, the rust had grown so fast up the side walls. Thank goodness we have resin tracks.

We removed the 1 season liner since rust was on the inside of the liner , waited for a hot 93 degree day and bought a new J beaded liner. My hubby knocked all of the rust off the walls, patched a couple of through rusted small holes, rust proofed the walls with roll & hand brushed on rustolium, let it bake in the sun, put weed thru paper on the wall with spray adhesive and new cove, re-spread the sand base and re-did the styro bottom that he custom made (in place of happy feet).

The liner we went with this time is a J hook, we took all the track off and it snapped security in and we sold our wedding cake steps since for us they were nice but a pain cleaning behind them, anchoring them down and then getting them out for winter storage. Our pool is as good as new again.

So for all that are feeling discouraged, determination and a good man like my husband can get it done. So proud of my husband's work. We are now using a ladder attached to the deck. Lot of work..but it can be done.

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