Rust Holes

by Kim
(Clifton, NJ)

I have a 12x24 above ground pool. I have 3 small rust holes about the size of a quarter. I read your post about how to fix them but my question is can we swim in the pool until they are fixed or can the pool collapse from the kid playing in it?

Hi Kim

You don't give me a whole lot to go on here, but first off, quarter size holes are pretty big.

It appears you are viewing the hole from the outside of the pool. How does the rest of the wall look, any other signs of rust?

Where are the holes located, near the top of the pool may not be a problem, the lower down the wall you go the greater the chance of a blow out, that's where most of the water pressure is.

So if you can see the liner through a quarter size hole in the bottom foot of the sidewall, I would drain the pool ASAP.

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May 21, 2015
rust spots
by: Anonymous

Yes they are near the bottom of the pool and I can see the liner. There are some other rust spots on the very bottom also.


That does not sound good. I would drain ASAP and make some repairs. If you leave some water in the pool you can probably save the liner, but left as is the liner will tear on a ruff edge and burst.

Jun 27, 2017
good quick fix
by: Anonymous

Find a few license plates at the thrift store, some quality duct tape, and two part epoxy glue.
wire brush the rust from the inside after you have drained the pool past the hole, make a bead of glue about 1/4" around the hole and then around the metal plate, next place the plate on the wall (you may have to bend it a little to conform to the pool wall. with the duct tape, cover all the edges with about three times around, this will last as long as the rest of the pool..... good luck!! it worked very well for my pool.....


Thanks for the contribution and a great idea.

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