Rust On A Used Pool

by Kelley

I have an opportunity to get a free pool. My husband checked it out and said that all the bolts are rusted at the strip where the seam of the pool is. We won't know how bad the rust is at the seam until it's taken down.

Is there a point that it could be beyond repair and not worth getting a free pool. It's 18" round. Thanks!

Hi Kelley

It is much easier to move a pool wall, and reinstall it for that matter, if those bolts are removed. I use a set of channel locks on the outside where the nut is. Some of the bolts will probably allow you to remove them normally, for those that don't you need to snap them. Try doing this without damaging the sidewall. Sometimes just twisting the nut is enough to break it, but more often than not the bolt will start twisting and you will be getting nowhere. I then face the channel locks straight at the wall, up against the wall. I slowly rock the locks back and forth until the bolt snaps.

Getting the wall undone is an easy matter but what about the rest of the pool? The problem a lot of people run into is finding rusted bottom rails that are no longer usable. Bottom rails, footplates, uprights and even top rails can be beyond repair. Then you have to consider ordering new parts. For many pools parts are no longer available, for others they are just too expensive.

You need to determine what parts you will need and then find a source for them. If all you need is a liner, some gaskets and maybe a new set of coping, a free pool can be a great deal. If it takes six months and five hundred dollars to get the parts you need to assemble your free pool, maybe not such a good deal.

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