Rusted Pool Wall HELP

Hello, I have found that the wall on my pool has rusted through. It is where the water return is. I have spring water, so if there is any way I can repair this wall without draining my pool, that would be great. We bought it in 2010 and have had no problems whatsoever until now. Is rusting normal? I am hoping you will not tell me that I must buy a new pool, but will if I have to.

Hi Emily

You just need to drain the pool down below the return area. At that point you can insert a stainless steel plate between the liner and the wall. Tape it securely to the wall, reinstall the liner and pool return.

These plates should be available on eBay or you could have one made locally.

Your other option is to tape some metal over the rusted opening and cut a new hole, with a hole saw, a foot or so over.

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