Sand for an Above Ground Pool

by C. Tyson

Approximately how much sand, in yards or tons, will I need for a 24' round pool? Is it a smart move to put down a weed stop cover underneath the sand in the pool or will that create future headaches?

Thank You, C. Tyson


Masonry sand is measured a couple of different ways. Measuring by the yard is a more accurate measurement. When sand is sold by the ton, they may simply guess at the amount based on how much they think their scoops hold, of if it is weighed how wet the sand is will play a role in how much you get. Masonry sand is much easier to work with when it is wet, not dripping wet, but very damp.

When sand is sold by the yard, it is usually loaded in a 1 or 2 yard scoop, and then dumped into a truck. It is still possible to have way to much or not nearly enough, but the chances are pretty good you will get what you need.

When a pile of sand is dumped in the driveway we use what we need and only that much. There is no benefit to using too much sand. I know that when I heap my contractor size wheel barrel full of sand ten times I have enough sand for an 18' pool. If that leaves sand in the drive it can be used for other things. There are a million uses for sand around most houses.

In order to get my ten wheel barrows full of sand I have my customers order 1 1/2 yards of sand. A yard is about a ton and a half. If the sand company deals in tons I have them order three tons and that usually leaves some extra. Two and a half tons would be closer but since the loads vary so much when sold by the ton I know three tons will get the job done without being short.

For a 15' pool I use 1 yard or 1 1/2 tons, an 18' takes 1 1/2 yards or 2 1/2 tons, a 21' takes 2 yards or 3 tons and a 24' uses close to 3 yards or 5 tons.

There are many situations where plastic or other types of ground covers are useful. You still need to treat the ground for any type of vegetation you may have but the plastic can give you another layer of comfort.

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Jun 21, 2011
Pool Sand Amounts

If I have an above ground pool 18 x 33 with a small deep end. Could you estimate how many yards of sand and Portland cement premix I would need. The deep end is in great shape,just looking for enough sand to replace on top of pressure plates, the 4" by 4" cove all around pool and a few cracks on pool bottom. Just looking for ball park so I don`t order 3 times too much. Anything would help !!!

Hi Louis, not sure about the concrete because I never use it, only sand. I would order about a yard and a half. That should be plenty for a cove and some touching up.

Mar 12, 2013
by: terry

Does my sand need to sit for a few days before I put my pool up or can I just set it up after leveling it

Hi Terry.There is no reason for the sand to sit a day. After smoothing the sand I like to sprinkle it with water.

May 31, 2018
by: Anonymous

I have a 5' slope in my yard trying to put a 16' above ground pool, should I use sand or top soil?

Hi Never use sand for leveling. Use soil or crushed granite.

Nov 08, 2018
where do you get sand , what type of sand ?
by: Anonymous

Where do you get sand , what type of sand?
I live in Florida 32601

Hi I use a washed mortar sand from sand and rock companies.

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