Sand On Outside Of Above Ground Pool

I have installed our 18ft AGP and all is level and functioning. Currently there is about a one foot space all the way around the outside wall which is clear of grass from the leveling. I have excess sand from the liner base.

Would it be ok to use the sand against the outside wall (an inch or 2) above the bottom track and build a slope away from the pool? I know you don't want water sitting around the base and this would help funnel it away. I would then cover the sand with some small rocks to keep it in place. I wasn't sure if the sand would cause any problems on the outside.


Hi. There is nothing wrong with putting sand around the outside of an above ground pool. I have done this often. You do need to cover it to keep it in place, like you have suggested.

You may want to treat the ground with grass killer and lay down some black plastic before the sand. The grass in my area tends to want to grow back and under the pool very quickly. After doing this it can grow up and through the liner.

Adding the plastic before the sand and the rock is a good way of keeping the grass away from the pool. It seems the ground surrounding the pool stays pretty damp from all the water splashing out. This damp ground is perfect for growing vegetation. If you think this might be a problem for you plastic is the way to go.

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Jun 29, 2011
Follow Up Question
by: Dave

Thanks for the answer. I used sand and dirt along with plastic and rocks. Now for my question.

When I installed and filled my pool, my water level was less than 1/4in off. After a couple weeks of use, I noticed it looked off and I measured it at about 5/8 to 3/4 inch off level for an 18ft pool.

Upon inspection I noticed the low side post was leaning out about 1/2 inch of level and the high side post/upright was leaning in about the same amount. These posts are on direct opposite sides of the pool. I took off the caps and noticed that the rails on the low side were able to slide under the screw and hadn't been completely tightened. My assumption is it was pushed out with use and the water pressure kept it there. All the other posts are pretty close to level.

I can push / pull them to level. What is the best way to do this so it doesn't affect the others? Should I loosen all the top rails and start at one side going all the way around?

Your help is appreciated.

Hi. I would just loosen the screws at the one upright and try to straighten it up somewhat, then tighten them. See how that goes and you may want to do more, but I would just do them one at a time.

Sep 23, 2019
Sand under post
by: Chris

Hello, I have a 27’ agp to install, I am putting it where I had one before that collapsed. I dug out all the old sand, roots, and rocks in a area of approximately 30’. I am currently 4-6" low on my grade to have the pool sit properly with my deck. My question is can I bring up the entire 30’ area to proper grade with compacted sand and install my flat blocks and pool walls on the sand or would there be a concern of the sand washing out from under walls?

Hi Chris I would use something other than sand, like crushed granite. Something that will pack solid.

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