Semi Inground Pool Not Level

Hi,I have a 2 year old semi Inground pool (15 x 30) that was only used for one season that is not level by about 2 inches. Last summer we noticed that it dipped on the bottom of one side. The company that installed it said 2 posts sunk and that there is possibly a sink hole or perhaps there was a well in our property at some point.

My questions are:

1. Is this typically the responsibility on the installers?

2. How can we determine for sure what is causing the ground to sink?

3. How is this problem repaired and with what material (sand, dirt, etc...)?

4. My pool has now been empty for 3 full days. Do I need to be concerned about structural damage? If so, how can we tell?

5. I have stone steps attached to he pool. May these cause any problems?

6. What is a typical labor price for adding sand that we purchased to level the ground, adjust posts, and put our new liner back on?

I really appreciate any advice you can give. Thank you.


Pools that are partially in ground do not normally settle much. If it is 2" out after two years I would not expect it to sink any more. A pool in the ground can be out of level by a lot and still be safe, you are probably better off leaving it alone.

As an installer I would do anything I could to make it level again, but if it has been back filled with dirt there is not much that can be done. If the customer were willing to remove all the dirt from around the pool I would raise the side and reset the liner, free. But for only a couple of inches it's really not worth it.

There are two things happening with a pool sitting empty. Your liner is shrinking and if it sits empty much longer you will be replacing it. Depending on how far in the ground it is, and if you have dirt packed around it, you may be running the risk of a cave in by having the pool empty.

I would pull the liner back and make sure the sand over the side supports was the way it should be. I would smooth the base, reset the liner and get water in the pool as fast as I could.

I have no idea about the stone steps, guess I would need to see them to know what you are talking about.

Assuming there is no dirt around the outside of the pool I would charge about five hundred dollars to level the pool, add more sand, smooth the base and install a new liner. This would be labor only with you having a new liner and the sand.

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