Setting Intex Pool On Block Patio

We are going to get an Intex metal frame pool and are planning to put it on an existing patio, made of brick blocks. Is this suitable?

Do I need more than a ground cloth beneath the pool liner? The brick work is reasonably flat but there are a couple of bricks that are uneven where they have sunk slightly.

Thanks for your help.


You should be just fine installing your Intex pool on a block patio. I would, however, do more than just the cloth pad that comes with the pool. Indoor/outdoor carpeting would work great. This could even be remnants or scraps taped together.

Carpet felt would also give just a little cushion between the pool and the blocks. A more expensive way to pad the pool would be using 1" thick sheets of Styrofoam. The sheets can be taped together to make a nice soft bottom for the pool.

Intex pools are easy to install and take apart. If your first attempt is rough on the feet you can always take it down and start over. Even if you have to go through an entire season it's not that bad of thing to have a rough pool bottom.

Once it's up and you determine what might be needed to give you the perfect base, you can then take your time finding the right material at the best price. There are some real bargains out there if you know what you want and where to look.

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Jun 05, 2012
Above ground pool on an existing patio
by: LJ

I want to purchase a small above ground pool to put on our existing concrete patio. What is the best product to sit the pool on that critters won't try to eat or tear off to make nests out of like styrofoam?

Hi LJ If you get a steel wall pool you can put it flat on the concrete and just use foam cove and a pool pad on the inside of the pool.

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