Sinkhole In Pool Cove

by Angelo

I recently had a new pool installed. After I completely filled the pool I noticed a foot sized sink hole near the edge of the pool close to one of the uprights.

I wiped away some of the sand along the edge of the pool and was able to stick my hand under the frame and actually feel the liner. It seems as if there was not enough sand in that area to form a cove and the weight of the water formed this sinkhole. I called the installers who are scheduled to come back to take a look. As the days have passed the liner has begun to touch the bottom of the ground and the cement block the upright sits on.

Is there an easy way to fix this without emptying the pool? And if I have to empty the pool should I request a brand new liner since:

1. The liner stretched in the spot of the sinkhole. Can it still be trusted?

2. Emptying a pool and having the sun shine on the liner could shrink it or dry it out.

3. I also notice some foot prints left behind from the installers.

I'm curious to what you think prior to the installers getting here in the next day or two.

Thanks, Angelo

Hi Angelo.

They definitely need to drain the pool ASAP and fix the cove issue. The liner could easily burst if it comes into contact with the sharp metal of the pool frame. There has to be a good solid cove all around the pool.

Since you should leave an inch or so of water in the pool, shrinking should not occur. The liner in the sink hole should pretty much go back to its original shape. I think you should be able to make reasonable repairs without changing the liner.

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Jul 05, 2009
by: Angelo

Thanks for the response! They are coming this week and I will be draining the pool the night before with a sump pump. Ill let everyone know how I make out.

Jun 09, 2010
Underground plumbing
by: Gordon

I would like to place a 24' pool in my back yard and I'm wondering if the weight will cause problems with the sewer/water/gas lines. I know they are buried relatively deep but it still crossed my mind. Should I be concerned that the weight may damage underground pipes? I'm not as concerned about the water and gas as they are metal and presumably can withstand the force, but the sewer main seems potentially weaker.

Hi, you can certainly ask people in your area about their experience, but I don't think you would have any problems.

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