Sloping Basin

by Erik
(Aldergrove, B.C Canada)

I just bought a used 21' x 54" round above ground pool which is in great shape. The instructions tell me to dig a sloping basin 6" to 8" deep in the middle. Do I need to do this or can I make the bottom just flat?

I also just bought my liner and Rhino floor pad through Pool Supplies Canada and I'm concerned the floor pad won't fit properly as it says it's flat?? Any information will be helpful, thanks!!

Hi Erik

I have never seen a set of instructions that called for a 6" deep area. That would lead me to believe they were using a special liner, one made just for that pool.

Since you bought your liner from a different company my guess is it's a standard flat bottom liner. In that case, yes, leave the bottom flat. The pad will fit much better that way and the liner probably will also.

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Jul 05, 2013
Same instructions for 6" - 8" sloping basin
by: Anonymous

My instructions for a 24' Magnus above ground pool also say to dig this basin, leaving a 32"-wide rim on which to set up the pool wall. I would love to know whether you went ahead and installed your pool on flat ground instead of the basin.

Jul 05, 2013
Sloping Basin
by: Erik

I did not dig the sloping basin as the instructions stated but rather left the bottom flat. The Rhino Mat and pool liner fit great! The pool is now full of water and we have been using it for a month now!! No need for the sloping basin and I'm not sure why they originally intended one??


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