Soft Sand Under Pool

by Bobbie

My pool has only been installed for 5 weeks. The installers used sand under my pool but the bottom has never really seemed hard throughout the pool. There have been soft spots, especially along the outer edges of the pool.

The spots do seem to get harder as time goes by. However, today there was a bad storm with a lot of rain. When I got in the pool, I noticed the sand under the outer edges of the pool was softer than before.

Is this normal when it rains heavy? When the installers left, I immediately placed more sand around the pool, then used weed paper over that sand, then added a lot of rocks around the pool.

Hi Bobbie.

How soft the sand is will usually depend on how deep it is, the deeper the sand the softer it will be. Other factors are how wet it was and how well it was packed. I like to use just a couple inches of wet sand well packed and broom smoothed. When the liner is stretched into place from outside the pool the water has finished packing the sand before anyone gets into the pool.

It sounds to me like the sand was pretty thick and not packed, if which case it will appear pretty soft. The cove area has more sand than the rest of the pool and will always be the softest. It is also possible the rain water soaked into the pool causing the cove to be wet and softer than usual.

A hole in the liner will also cause the sand to be soft and mushy. This, however, is usually isolated to a small area, not over the entire pool. What you describe is probably nothing to worry about.

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Aug 18, 2010
What Can I do Now?
by: Anonymous

Is there anything I can do about it now? Will the sand eventually harden over time even though it wasn't packed well initially.

Hi. There is nothing you can do at this time and it should firm up over time. The first time you change a liner is really the time smooth it out. By then the sand should be packed firm and once re-smoothed it should stay that way.

May 31, 2012
soft pool bottom
by: Frank

Hi, I'm not sure about the middle, but the edges can be corrected by installing some dirt (roughly 18 to 24") around outside of pool at an angle. This will shed the rain water away from pool, which will not allow water to seep under pool liner!!!

Good Luck!!!

Apr 07, 2016
by: Rick

Hi, I see a lot of posts that people for whatever reason chose to hire an installer. It seems to me the reason you hire someone is so it gets done, you don't worry about anything and go swimming?

But a lot of these people can't even get these installers to answer phone calls?? Why is that?

I bet you paid a lot of money to have that done and I'm reading how the people are fixing or trying to fix it themselves. That is wrong on so many levels.

Has anybody ever made these people redo their work?

Back in 88 my wife and I put in an agp by ourselves and its still there. I just think it sucks these people are getting taken!!!

Hi I agree. My coaching program is only thirty five dollars and I coach my clients through all steps of an installation, saving them a ton of money in most cases.

Jun 30, 2018
Cake pans
by: Tru-Burn

I installed my own liner one year ago, and the bottom in the shallow and is still soft. Heard of a trick to use 9" by 13" cake pans with rounded corners. I did this today. I used my weight standing in the cake pan and bouncing / jumping in the pan. I moved the pan over just half of the width and repeated all the way across the shallow end. It did help! Sand is a little harder but I am going to do it again tomorrow. Only thing my dad could think of! Smart man!

Jun 15, 2021
Safety, with soft bottom pool
by: Tom manning

I will tell you when I was 14 I had pushed off the diving board straight down, not thinking as kids don't, I shot my self to the bottom so fast my head hit the soft bottom only tweaking it, if it was concrete I might have broken my neck, it was sore after four weeks, but I was ok. Scary memories

Jun 30, 2021
Duvet/soft spot
by: Anonymous

I have an 18 round above ground pool which has been up for 3 years, we just recently found a duvet/soft spot in one area on the floor/side of the pool. What could this be?

Hi It could be a hole in the liner, a gopher hole, an ant farm. These are a few of the things I have seen over my many years in the business.

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