Soft Sided Pool Lopsided

by Zanne

Our soft sided 16' pool is leaning to one side. The ground is not as level as we thought. The pool is suppose to hold 38" of water, but because of the lopsidedness, it's only holding about 30".

We're going to drain it and start over, but what should we do to fix it? It's on our lawn. Suggestions?

Hi Zanne

All above ground pools need to sit on firm level ground. That's where you need to start. You could use a 2 x 4 and a carpenters level or you could rent a laser level. The ground needs to be leveled to well within an inch and packed solid. After the ground is level a small amount of sand can be added just to smooth it out some and give a little cushion to make it easier on the feet.

When the ground is level the rest of the installation goes so much better and results are far better.

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Jul 20, 2010
by: EM

we have a 54" deep pool and its filled, sitting on our lawn and is about 6" un-level. We don't mind at all, as its nice to have a shallower side for our young kids, but will the pressure on the deeper side break the pool? next summer we WILL level it, but will it hold up for a month or two (its a soft sided Intex 18' pool with metal frame)


Six inches is a lot for a pool to be out of level. Keep a close eye on it and hopefully have it level for next year.

Aug 07, 2011
Uneven Yard
by: Anonymous

We bought a 16x42 blowup pool this year with the ring around the top etc but we are so far unable to put it up as our yard is so uneven all over.... any ideas to level it out without ripping up the yard? We bought sand but it didn't work. HELP!! Thanks

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