Something Behind Vinyl Liner and Wall

by Veronika

We have opened our pool 2 weeks ago, which was built in 2011, October. Its a semi-inground wood pool with concrete bottom. You can do a google image search for city urban semi-inground, to have a visual.

Back to the problem: I have noticed a bulgy kind of hard bump between the liner and the wall. Within 2 weeks I have noticed more all around, some closer to the base, some higher, but not reachable with hands.

I haven`t been in the pool to touch it with my own hands yet. Some seem very pointy and pushing my liner.

Could it be sand going behind my liner? If so, why does it seem pointy and hard?

I have a white foam padding between liner and wall on the sides, but not at the concrete level.

My other theory is that my concrete has deformed or there is some kind of build up. But is it possible within such short period?

I live near Montreal, so we do get colder weather.

The pool company who installed said we should wait till closing the pool and then we look, but it seems like its happening all over on the sides.

What could be the thing behind my liner and is there anything I can do to try to remove it without emptying my pool?

One more thing:I have removed the sand at one of the points from the outside around the pool to see if there is anything, but nothing other that some ants. Could they make their way between the attachment of wood panels?

Sorry for many questions, but it really bothers me, that its a brand new pool and already problems.

Thank you, Sincerely

Hi Veronika.

You probably already know it would be impossible to tell you what is wrong with your pool without seeing it, without being there.

I did find the part about the ants interesting. I have seen them do major damage under vinyl liners. We used to use a product called Green Day to get rid of them. I would recommend to all my customers that they use this product and sprinkle it around the pool a couple times of year.

As for your installers saying wait until fall. I would insist that you have a problem and it needs to be looked at now. A lot of damage could be done between now and the end of the swimming season. Hopefully you can insist they come out and take care of what ever your problem is.

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Jun 01, 2012
Now I really want to know....
by: Veronika

Thank you for the reply. We are going to spray around the pool for the ants and since the problem still progressing we will contact the builder to come and look under the liner. When they do come I will post our findings!

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