Support Posts Lean

by Les
(Cleveland, OH)

How do I straighten out support posts that are either leaning into or away from the pool? I have 2 posts that are doing that very thing, one in and one out.

I do not want to completely drain the pool and start over and was wondering if there is a fix for this problem? I have 52" high walls and have not installed the filter or return due to this problem, nor has the water level been raised up to the filter opening.

I am hoping that the water level will correct this issue but I am afraid of your answer!!

Hi Les. The upright leaning problem is probably caused by the pool being slightly off level in those two spots. A high spot would cause a post to lean in while a low spot will cause it to lean out. Take a close look at it and see if that might be your problem. If it is not obvious, or does not look to bad, try loosening the rails in the areas of the bad ones. You should be able to push in, and pull out, until the uprights all look straight up and down. You would not have to drain the pool to do this. If re-leveling is needed I would lower the water down to just a couple of inches before attempting it.

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Jul 30, 2009
slight problems
by: Anonymous

I have a 12 x 24 oval above ground pool. It is installed and full of water. We noticed that the water level is off by 1/2" from one end to the other and one side support post is leaning in slightly. Do we need to drain it and start over or can we just let these problems be. There is no wall buckling, and the walls are firmly in the rails. Everything else looks good.

Hi. I would not worry about it. You are well within 1" of level so you should not have any problems.

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