Swapping Coping Strip for Liner Receiver

by Rebecca

We recently had to replace our liner due to a liner failure. We previously had a beaded liner & instead went with an overlap.

The installer used our old bead receiver instead of coping strips because he felt the receiver was a more snug fit over the pool wall. Except right by the skimmer he used a coping strip?!

We still have the original receiver, how difficult would it be to swap the coping strips for the receiver? Any special things we need to be careful of?

Hi Rebecca.

Pulling off a couple of top rails is not hard. I've done it with a pool full of water but I really don't recommend it. It would be best to lower the water to just below the skimmer. You can then remove three rails and two top caps allowing you to be able to remove the coping and install the bead receiver.

Whenever I convert a pool from beaded to overlap I use the coping strips and then the receiver over them. I have never seen receivers tight enough to hold a liner without coping. My other concern would be the edges of the receiver against the liner. If they are metal or aluminum they will have sharp edges. Hopefully these were protected and not a future risk of tearing the liner.

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Jun 11, 2010
more info
by: Rebecca

We have the plastic (or resin?) bead receiver. Definitely not metal. The installer said they were a tighter fit than the coping strips we had bought. I'm not sure he considered putting the coping strips on then the receiver over it. I guess we'll just wait until we are getting ready to close the pool to swap them out. Or maybe, I'll just have my husband put the bead receiver over the single coping strip.

Thanks again for the advise.

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