Swapping Out Pools

by Misty
(Cape Girardeau, MO)

We put in an 18' above ground pool last year for our two boys. We dug a lot of dirt out and poured a dump truck full of sand to level it out to try and meet the top of our pool with the edge of our back porch.

As we speak, my husband is in the process of taking down a 24' above ground pool and a deck that completely surrounds the pool that was attached to one of his co-workers back porch.

My biggest question: is there anyway possible to transfer the water we currently have in our pool to the new pool which will be located in the same spot. It was such a big deal to even get the water delivered for the first one and very expensive, so if there is anyway possible to transfer it into the new one, it would be a Blessing. Thank you and have a Blessed day!

Hi Misty

I have not responded sooner because, well, I have no idea how to store 7,500 gallons of water. OK, well, I have a few ideas, for what they are worth.

I have a plastic tank that fits in the back of my pickup that I use to help out with getting water into deep ends fast. It holds three hundred and fifty gallons.

I had a well once that pumped water into a large above ground holding tank, from there it was pumped into the house. This tank was 5,000 gallons, I think. Maybe you could borrow one of those.

Maybe you could borrow a water truck, I think they hold close to 5,000 gallons, or there abouts. I'm not sure how practical that idea is.

I once saw a couple of so called pool installers place a pool liner in the back of their pickup and filled it with water, they later used the water to fill the pool. A pickup bed full of water is just about enough weight to snap an axle, I'd be careful with that one.

You see, I really have no useful ideas. I would, however, be very interested in what you came up with.

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Apr 13, 2011
by: Misty

Dennis, Thank you for your insight on my situation. I found delight in reading your email to my husband. The reason being is the fact that after my husband saying it wasn't possible, I made a determination "where there's a will there's a way"! It took 3 truck loads to fill our pool, so I had him ask the guy if he would let us borrow it overnight to hold 1 load of water. I don't know a lot about water storage so I remember we had big water troughs when I was little we would use to water our cattle, he could price them to see if they were inexpensive or not. I also told him we could line a couple of friends & his truck bed & pump water in them. The water truck owner agreed to it, but my husband said I was crazy!

When I got home last weekend, he had drained all the water, therefore now we will have to spend $600.00 to fill it. I think you & I had similar ideas & think that they would've worked. "GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE, so thank you for your response, if anything, I can assure my husband I'm not crazy!

He is suppose to take it down this weekend & dig out the extra area for the new pool. Last summer, he was actually attempting to dig out an 18' area a foot deep with a shovel. Seeing this was going to take all summer, I seen a guy on my way to work using a kubota so I stopped and ask if he would please dig it out. Thankfully, he's a really nice guy who dug it out & leveled the sand free of charge. Needless to say, we have became friends & has agreed to help with the digging this weekend. So, thanks & have a Blessed day!

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