Tape For Foam Board Base

by Bob
(Newport News, VA)

I'll be replacing my 24' above ground pool liner and after reading all about the smooth and flat bottom that foam boards offer, I'm going to install foam boards over the existing sand base.

I will need to level out the existing sand cove and fill in a few divots that have "shown up" under the old liner, and I will most likely rent a plate compactor to ensure a solid base exists under the foam boards.

The boards I have found locally are 1" pink sheathing with tongue and groove edges. I also ordered the Gladon foam self-stick cove base pieces and a roll of wall foam.

My question is regarding what type of tape will hold the foam boards and cove pieces together best at the seams, either plain old grey duct tape or the house wrap tape that Owens Corning recommends for the foam sheathing? I think the house wrap tape is thinner, but should have no give or stretch. I'm thinking if I cram the cove pieces against each other as tightly as possible and tape the seams, I won't have any gaps after the liner and water are back in place.

I'm also considering laying down an Armor Shield floor pad over the foam boards and cove. Do you think this will keep me from having to tape the cove pieces to the foam boards?

Hi Bob.

You have really done your research and are doing this right. I am just an old school duct tape kind of guy. You know, if duct tape can't fix it, it can't be fixed.

I have not had problems with the foam spreading with duct tape, but I know others have. If the house wrap tape looks like it would do a better job I can't see any reason not to use it.

My only concern with going over top of the foam with a cushion would be wrinkles. If the cushion gets wrinkled during the liner installation process it would really show. I think if I were using it I would run it to the wall and tape it securely all the way around. I would install the cove over the cushion to help hold it in place.

You are correct about pushing the coving tight before taping, done correctly you will never have separation or gaps.

I have never taped the bottom of the cove, only the joints. Anyway you decide to do this I am willing to bet it will turn out great and you will love it.

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May 19, 2013
So glad I asked
by: Bob

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I had not thought about the liner pad having any wrinkles that would show up through the liner, but that would really stink after going through the process of installing foam boards to create a perfectly flat bottom. I really like your suggestion about securing it with tape prior to installing the foam cove pieces on top to help hold it in place. Just thinking out loud, but I wonder if the Armor Shield pad could be stuck to the foam boards with a spray adhesive, like the stuff I ordered for adhering the wall foam. I guess I'll wait until everything arrives so I can see the material in person.

Hi Bob. I like the idea of the adhesive, I also like waiting to see what you have to work with. My only concern is the process of installing the liner shifting the pad. The liners are heavy and require some pulling and tugging. This can easily shift a thin pad. Just something to keep in mind.

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