The Right Pool Size

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How do I choose the right pool size?  There are many things to consider when trying to decide on the perfect pool size.  My personal pool story might help some.

Small Round Pool

My first pool was a 15' x 20' bought at a flea market for fifty dollars.  It was just my wife and I and this pool fit perfect in a little corner of our yard.  It was perfect for the two of us to float around in and cool off.  The nice things about smaller pools are less cleaning, maintenance and monthly expense.

We moved and started a family.  I installed a 16' x 24' oval in ground with a deep end.  The deep end was just a couple of feet off my patio.  I would walk out my backdoor, take a few steps and dive in.  The only drawback to this size is it is just not long enough to swim laps.  It is three strokes and bump.

We sold our first two homes with the pools included in the price.  The next pool I set up was a 24' round.  This one was on top of the ground and I built a nice wood deck for it.  Although still not a lap pool, we could sure pack it full of kids.  By then I had my three daughters and all of their friends using the pool on a regular basis.  They would all come to my pool as it was bigger and a lot more fun than the in ground pools at their own homes.  That was one well used pool.  I did a little trading and set this up with an in ground pool filter system.  The sand tank held about 400lbs of sand and it had a 1.5hp in ground pool pump.  Automatic pool cleaners had just come on the market and I had my first bug.  That was the cleanest pool that ever was and all I had to do was enjoy it.  At the time this was the right pool size for us.

above ground pool with wood deck
We did a little moving and I had set up an 18' at a couple of houses.  We had space limitations and these were perfect fits.  By now my kids were on swim teams and had started life guarding.  They seldom wanted to see water when they got home.  I was working nonstop and these low maintenance pools were just perfect.  One thing I can say though, there was still plenty of room in these pools for several people floating and sunning.  We could pack the pool at parties and get-togethers.  I do not remember ever wishing for a bigger pool at that time.

Large Oval Pool
A few years later I had a new wife and my fourth daughter.  This time I set up a 15' x 30'.  This was perfect, definitely the right pool size.  I could finally swim laps and as soon as I had taught the new girl to swim we had plenty of races.  By now I had a lot of experience with cleaners and filter systems so pool maintenance was a piece of cake.

Bottom line, there is no best size.  The pool needs to fit your yard and your family.  It also needs to accommodate your intended uses.  It should also fit your monthly budget and your pool experience.  You could start small and learn as you go or start big and take a crash course in pool maintenance.  There is no right or wrong.  All I can say is you are at the right place to find all of the help you would ever need to install and maintain any size pool you decide upon.



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