Trench Around Above Ground Pool

by Darryl
(Arnprior Ont.)

Aqua Leader Pool

Aqua Leader Pool

I have just had a 15'x30' OVAL AGP installed. When they finished it left a 6" deep by 12" wide trench around it.

I am told by the installer that I cannot just fill it with topsoil. He says I can't have that much pressure going against the side of the pool and to only go about 2" right at the side of the pool and then slant upwards.

I have a hard time seeing Topsoil putting that much pressure on the side of a pool that's filled with water. Especially when it's only 6" high and you don't even totally drain the pool when closing it for the winter.

I don't know what else to do. Some one has suggested mulch. My problem with that is it soaks in a lot of rain water and then I have earwigs everywhere and also the Side of the pool that is the problem they dug into my Deck supports for my house so If I don't at least get topsoil in there it will eventually erode underneath the Patio stones that my deck sits on and then I will have an even bigger problem.

Any suggestions ??

If it matters this is a buttress free pool, Blues style with resin liner.

Hi Darryl.

We sink above ground pools in the ground and back fill with dirt all the time without any problems. I don't understand where the installer is coming from.

Dirt packed in around the pool makes the pool stronger. It keeps the rainwater from sitting up next to the pool and it lessons the risk of the ground shifting or settling under the pool.

I would fill in the trench with dirt and not worry about it.

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