Trevi 15 x 30 Oval

by Bret Naber
(Hiawatha, Iowa USA)

Trevi Pool Wall Raised

Trevi Pool Wall Raised

I had a 15x30 Trevi pool with buttresses. After they built it, I noticed bumps in the pool from the straps pushing up on the foam. That is when I noticed the walls leaning.

I got my level and in four feet it was 1 1/2 to 2 inches out of level! The straight sides of the pool had raised up about 1"!!! After much complaining to the builder and a few calls to the factory, they came out and redid it exactly like the Trevi said to.

The buttress block is a half inch higher than the post blocks. That allowed the posts to lean in a hair so they would straighten up when filled. I filled it to the skimmer/pump holes Monday night and every thing looked great.

Tuesday, I filled it the rest of the way so we could run the pump and shock the pool before we put it to bed for the winter. Imagine my dismay when I went out to turn the water off and the straight sides lifted again! Not as bad, but two posts as much as 5/8".

I sent the picture to Trevi and am hoping for some kind of an answer. In the mean time, why are the straight sides wanting to raise up??!!? I will try to upload the pics.

Bret Naber

Hi Bret

I am pretty sure your problems are level related, they usually are. Having everything level in an oval pool installation is even more important than with a round pool. Raising the sides to

compensate for settling is, in my opinion, never a good idea. The blocks you use for support should be large enough, and set on firm enough ground, that settling should not be an issue.

With an oval pool it is critical that the sides be the same level as the ends. The blocks under the side supports and the end support blocks should all be set with the help of a transit or laser level. The smallest amount of difference between any two blocks and the pool has to compensate in some way, usually pulling in ways that are not safe. Having the entire pool perfectly level should take care of all of your problems.

The other thing that often goes wrong in oval installs is the transition from straight sides to the round ends. If the ends of the pool are not positioned correctly a lot of unnecessary stress is put on the pool wall and top rails. It is best to build the entire pool, uprights, top rails and all, without the liner and before the liner base is spread out, or installed.

At this point a level should be set at every top rail joint, all around the pool, and they should all be the same, exactly the same. Looking down the sides of the pool, the straight should go into the round, exactly the same, in all four corners.

Now the base of the pool can be prepped and the liner installed. If blocks were used in all of the right spots, and the pool set on a firm base, you should not have any problems.

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Jun 16, 2013
bitress lifting
by: Gary

If there weren't any hold downs installed on the buttresses they will lift once the water applies pressure to the top of the wall the buttress pressure is at the top and the support block in then the buttress rails will lift.

Hi Gary

That's very true about the hold down plates, they are essential. You cannot get by without them. That's why I assumed they were there, but that is not always the case. I have seen so called pros leave them out, with terrible results. Thanks for bringing that up.

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