Trimline Space Saver On Blocks

by JD

I have purchased a new oval Trimline 10' x 15' Lomart pool. I have limited space available and the space I do have is somewhat flat. There will be a little leveling needed, however my problem is that the clay soil does not allow the water to drain. It just lays on the soil and it takes weeks/months to dry up. Therefore if I do manage to get it dry enough to level, I'm not sure if water won't undermine the pool at a later date.

Years ago I patio blocked part of the area and am contemplating using two layers of patio block and putting the pool on top of that. I will be using gorilla pad, sand and styrofoam (possibly 2 inches of each) if needed.

Please give me your opinion on my plan. Thanks, JD

Hi JD.

Your major problem will be the Trimline Space Saver buttress design. Don't get me wrong, I love the buttress system, but you would have a much easier time installing a 15' round pool on top of you blocks.

I like the block idea. Here is how I would do it. Level the ground, spread out a very thin layer of sand, just enough to set the blocks. Inside the pool I would use the 1 1/2" foam and some preformed pool cove, the sticky backed cove is preferred for this type of install. I would install the cove over top of the foam, so you won't be able to use the backing meant to snap into the bottom track.

As for the Gorilla pad, maybe under the sand for weed control, otherwise I would have no use for it. It is practically useless and black plastic would work just a well.

Now, back to those tricky side braces, they need to sit on blocks. Your top layer of blocks needs to be level with the underside of the bottom rail clip attached to the buttress uprights. This is

all possible, it will just need some figuring out.

You would probably want to set both layers of blocks and then lay the pool out so that you know exactly where the braces will sit. You could then remove the blocks in those areas and start setting the braces. You can measure down from the bottom of the bottom rail clip, to the bottom of the channel. Use this measurement to measure down from the tops of your blocks, this is the level of the blocks the channel needs to sit on.

The space saver system requires 8 x 8 x 16 blocks under the backs of all four braces. This is to prevent the walls from pushing out. If I were doing this I would eliminate these blocks and connect the braces, side to side, with steel strap material that can be purchased at Home Depot. The strapless pools are designed so that a deep end can be built. To make your job easier, use straps. Oval pools have been made that way for years and it makes better sense in your situation. The strap material should overlap the brace channels by about a foot on each side, and then bolted into place. The strap material will also have to be blocked, or padded in some way, as they will not sit on your existing blocks.

Now you don't have to worry about installing big blocks, or the wall pushing out. You just need to make sure the channels are resting on solid, level blocks.

Another critical factor in making this type of installation work is using a laser level and level everything. Everything needs to be perfect. That's the only way this pool should be built.

This page shows the brace system as it is meant to be installed. If not using the back block you would not need the L bracket. It can be left off. Also on this page is a laser level set up and ready to level an above ground pool.

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